Trowell Garden Centre: An Early Contender for the UK's Best Lemax Christmas Village Display of 2023

Join us on an enchanting adventure to Trowell Garden Centre, a potential front-runner for the UK's most awe-inspiring Lemax Christmas Village display of 2023.

Max in transparent dome amid grand Lemax Christmas Village scene at Trowell Garden Centre, Nottingham.
Max captivated inside a dome, part of Trowell Garden Centre's breathtaking 2023 Lemax Christmas Village displays near Nottingham.

Christmas in August: Trowell Takes It to Lemax! 🎉

It may only be the tail end of August 2023, but as we all know, the "Christmas Creep" starts early—and we, for one, cannot wait! Imagine our sheer delight when Trowell Garden Centre, a delightful family-run garden centre, just a stone's throw away from the M1 in Nottinghamshire, made the grand announcement on their Facebook Page last night, saying their Lemax Christmas Village display had officially opened! Touted as the "biggest retail display in the UK," for 2023, we knew we had to go and, spoiler alert, it was truly magical!

Not Just Any Lemax Display—The Crown Jewel of Christmas in Nottinghamshire 🎄

Before diving into the festive fairytale that is Trowell's Lemax Christmas village display, it's worth mentioning that we're no strangers to grand Lemax displays.

In years past, we've ventured to numerous Christmas wonderlands:

Though every garden centre we've visited has sprinkled its own brand of Christmas magic, Trowell Garden Centre's 2023 Lemax display has done more than raise the bar—it's vaulted it into the stratosphere of Christmas grandeur. The new benchmark for this year has unquestionably been set!

This isn't your run-of-the-mill display; it boasts a fanciful tunnel crowned with a dome at the centre. This unique feature allows both children and—let's be honest, adventurous adults (just make sure you can wiggle back out!)—to pop up their heads and immerse themselves in a festive spectacle like no other.

Square-shaped Lemax Christmas Village display front and center at Trowell Garden Centre, with distant L-shaped scene where an elderly lady admires it.
A stunning view of the awe-inspiring Lemax Christmas Village display at Trowell Garden Centre.

Beyond the Centrepiece: A World of Enchantment Awaits

If you think the centrepiece is the entire show, think again. A sprawling L-shaped display wraps around the perimeter, each section more awe-inspiring than the last. It's not just a Lemax Christmas Display; it's a world crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail by the brilliant team at Trowell Garden Centre.

For those who like a dash of spook in their sparkle, Trowell even features two smaller but equally charming Halloween village scenes that are just fabulous.

A Treasure Trove of Lemax Products and Our First Keepsake 🛒

Hold on to your Santa hats because Trowell might just have the largest range of Lemax products on sale that we've ever encountered. The options are endless!

We've been long-time admirers of Lemax Christmas Village Displays, and today, we took the plunge. Our first piece? The "Tinseltown Plaza," released in 2021.

It's more than just a decoration; it's the start of a new family tradition for Christmas 2023 and beyond.

Alex holding the box of Tinseltown Plaza close-up, our first Lemax Christmas Village purchase, with shelves of other Lemax items in the background.
Captivated at first sight, Tinseltown Plaza becomes our inaugural addition to our Lemax Christmas Village collection—undoubtedly the first of many!

Kudos to the Team: A Chat with the General Manager 👏

The real magic-makers are the dedicated team at Trowell. We had the pleasure of meeting the General Manager, a key part of the family that runs this wonderful garden centre. He had nothing but praise for his team, who've poured their hearts and souls into creating this extraordinary Lemax spectacle.

Extreme close-up of riders at the peak of rotation on The Shooting Star, a Lemax amusement ride piece, showcasing visible emotion and excitement on their faces.
A detailed glimpse of The Shooting Star, a captivating amusement ride-themed piece from the Lemax collection.

An Invitation to Visit This Festive Wonderland 💌

In times where we're all tightening our belts, it's a joy to find that you can experience this festive wonderland at Trowell Garden Centre completely FREE of charge. So, if you're in or around Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, or South Yorkshire, or even if you're passing by the Erewash stretch of the M1, make a detour to this Christmassy paradise.

Close-up view of diverse village scenes in Trowell's Lemax Christmas Village, each intricately designed to tell its own unique story, highlighting meticulous attention to detail.
The unparalleled intricacy in the design and layout of Trowell's Lemax Christmas Village display showcases meticulous attention to detail.

Extra Tips for Your Visit: Food and Nearby Attractions 🍰

Though we didn't have the time today, the Digg Cafe, part of Trowell Garden Centre, is a haven for food lovers. The offerings look as good as you'd imagine.

And while you're in the area, consider pairing your visit with a trip to Bramcote Hills Park, or perhaps Wollaton Hall and Deer Park. Each of these destinations is just a short drive away and guarantees a fantastic experience. Plus, there's no admission fee—simply cover the cost of parking and you're all set for a great time!

Bright blue sky and lush green grass set the backdrop for historic Wollaton Hall, located a short drive from Trowell Garden Centre. Photo by Jason Thompson on Unsplash.
Wollaton Hall, Gardens & Deer Park - just a short-drive from Trowell Garden Centre (Photo by Jason Thompson on Unsplash)

A Magical Conclusion to Our Christmas Journey 🌟

So, there you have it. Our first truly Christmassy outing of the year was a resounding success, thanks to the magic that is the Lemax Christmas Village display at Trowell Garden Centre. It's not just a place; it's an experience, a journey into the heart of what makes Christmas so enchanting. So why wait? Embrace the spirit of Christmas in Nottinghamshire and let the festive season begin, no matter what the calendar says!

Mia, with her back to the camera, expresses her joy through an autistic trait known as 'stimming,' flapping her hands in the air while absorbed in the wonder of the Lemax Christmas Village display.
Mia was captivated by the enchanting movements of the Lemax Christmas Village displays, a sentiment we can all relate to!