REVIEW: Frozen Afternoon Tea with Elsa, Anna, Santa, and the Elves, at the Enchanted Tea Room (Christmas 2022)

A five-star Christmas Afternoon Tea experience with singing and dancing at the Enchanted Tea Room in Leamington Spa with Elsa, Santa, and friends!

Elsa in Frozen princess attire sings classics, amidst vibrant florals.
Elsa passionately sings the beloved Frozen classics.

AD/ Unforgettable Festive Delights at Enchanted Tea Room 🍵🎄

On the 3rd of December, 2022, we had an unforgettable festive experience at the Enchanted Tea Room located in the picturesque Royal Leamington Spa of Warwickshire. Our highlights included a delightful Frozen-themed Afternoon Tea, engaging singalongs with Elsa, Anna, and the musical Elves, and a magical encounter with Santa. The Enchanted Tea Room is truly a place not to be missed!

All smiles for the camera: Mia, Father Christmas, Elsa, and Anna, cherishing their time together as new friends.
Mia cherishing moments with new friends: Father Christmas, Elsa, and Anna.

Journeying to a Breathtaking Town 🏞️

We set out from Derby well ahead of our 1pm reservation, reaching the picturesque Royal Leamington Spa about an hour later. This town is truly breathtaking! Our Midsmas community members' recommendations led us straight to Bath Place Car Park. Though it was packed when we arrived, departing visitors meant we found a spot quickly. The Enchanted Tea Room, boasting a beautifully adorned window, was just a short two-minute walk away.

We got there at 12:15pm, which allowed us some time to explore the festive market at All Saints' Church. Its stained-glass windows are a marvel. By 12:45pm, we were back at the Enchanted Tea Room where two charming Elves welcomed us and guided us to our table.

Max stands before the Enchanted Tea Room entrance, adorned with red poinsettia flowers, golden baubles, and festive signage.
Amidst festive decorations, Max stands before the enchanting, floral-adorned entrance of the Enchanted Tea Room.

Enchanting Ambiance and Warm Welcome ✨🎩

As you step into the Enchanted Tea Room, the captivating décor immediately grabs your attention. It exudes a cosy, Disney-inspired, woodland fairytale ambiance, brimming with magical details. The meticulousness is remarkable, making it a dreamland for not just children but for the inner child in many adults as well.

Soon after settling in, we had a delightful chat with an Elf who went above and beyond to ensure we felt right at home. Before we could even help the kids with their coats, they were engrossed in the Christmas-themed activity sheets and crayons laid out for them!

Alex and I were quickly offered a hot beverage and presented with a tempting festive hot chocolate menu. A jug of diluted blackcurrant juice was already set for the kids. Even the teacups seamlessly blended with the room's enchanting theme.

Mia, wearing matching blue ear defenders, deeply engrossed in her surroundings, framed through an afternoon tea stand.
Mia immersing herself in the moment and savouring her surroundings.

A Royal Encounter with Elsa and Anna ❄️👑

Shortly after we found our seats, a delightful surprise awaited us - none other than Elsa and Anna! They graciously joined our table, engaging in a wonderful conversation and showing genuine interest in the kids. Their commitment to staying true to character was truly impressive, and the expressions of sheer joy on our children's faces spoke volumes. Meeting their Disney idols was an absolute highlight of the day. The girls were bestowed with charming tiaras, instantly transforming them into princesses, while Max embraced the Frozen spirit with his playful Olaf-themed glasses.

Frozen embrace: Princess Elsa and Max beam with ear-to-ear smiles while sharing a hug.
Frozen embrace: Princess Elsa shares a hug with Max.

Delectable Treats and Frozen Magic 🍰🍫

In a matter of moments, our drinks were served, followed by the star of the show - our Afternoon Tea. Arriving on an exquisite three-tiered wooden stand, the tiers were adorned with an array of delectable treats. The Frozen-inspired desserts added a whimsical touch that perfectly complemented the occasion. Every bite was a testament to the premium quality of the offerings. While we relished every bite, the generous portions meant we had plenty left to take home, ensuring our indulgence could continue.

Three tiers of Frozen treats: sandwiches, cakes, and more in a delightful Afternoon Tea spread.
The delightfully indulgent and scrumptious Frozen Afternoon Tea.

Heartwarming Moments with Santa 🎅🎁

As we savoured our meal, the delightful Elves ushered us, one table at a time, to meet the main man in his Grotto. Santa was an absolute gem! He exhibited remarkable understanding towards Mia's hidden disabilities, though it turns out our concerns were needless, as Mia relished the experience to the fullest. Santa's interaction with the kids was outstanding; he engaged them in genuine conversation and took his time, ensuring the meet-and-greet felt unhurried. To top it off, the kids were gifted an enchanting Christmas storybook and a generous bag of sweets - a gesture that truly warmed our hearts.

Beaming Father Christmas in profile shares enchanting moment with Mia, just out of frame.
Magical meetup: Father Christmas and Mia share an enchanting moment.

Magical Melodies and Joyful Dance 🎶💃

With our Afternoon Tea delightfully devoured, it was time for Elsa and Anna to steal the spotlight. They graced the stage with their presence, delivering an enchanting performance of all the Frozen classics. The room came alive with the melodies as both children and adults joined in the harmonious chorus. I confess, I may have resorted to a bit of lip-syncing; mastering all the song lyrics despite repeated viewings of the Frozen films remains a work in progress for me. A Dad's dilemma, you could say.

Elsa and Anna, on the other hand, were nothing short of exceptional. Their voices resonated with passion and authenticity, leaving no room for miming. Their heartfelt renditions showcased their true vocal prowess, captivating every soul in the room. Their impeccable showmanship was on full display as they not only sang but also engaged with the audience, maintaining a captivating connection that extended even to the youngest guests. Our applause and admiration for them know no bounds!

Following that, a collective invitation went out to the children for an exuberant dance and singalong session. In this magical moment, Mia truly came alive, surrounded by princesses, Elves, and her cherished tunes. Witnessing her sheer joy and comfort was a heartwarming sight, a rare occurrence that shed light on the deep sense of ease she found in this heartwarming ambiance. Max was in his element too, unleashing his signature freestyle dance moves with an infectious enthusiasm. It seems he's inherited my carefree dance floor attitude! Meanwhile, Holly revelled in the experience, her attention occasionally diverted to the food—particularly the chocolate buttons, a delightful choice. Her fascination with the music was evident in her spirited applause as the performance concluded, her smile radiating from ear to ear.

Mia joyfully dances with a merry Elf, hair in plaits, wearing a green outfit with festive striped sleeves.
Mia delights in a dance with a merry singing Elf.

Capturing Memories in Polaroid 📸✨

Following that, the children were offered the chance to capture a special moment on a Polaroid camera—a photo featuring Elsa, Anna, and Santa, all together. The resulting snapshot became a cherished keepsake, beautifully concluding our enchanting journey.

As our adventure drew to a close, Elsa, Anna, and the Elves made their way to each table, expressing gratitude for our visit and bidding us farewell. Elsa went the extra mile, kindly proposing one more photo opportunity with each of the children—a gesture we gladly embraced.

Mia shares a heartfelt hug with Disney Princess Elsa, a dream come true.
Mia embraces her Disney Princess idol, Elsa, in a moment of pure joy.

A Day of Enchantment and Joy 🌟😄

In summary, our adventure was truly enchanting, and we can't wait to regale our friends and family with the wonderful tales from this memorable day!

Kelly, the Owner, is an absolute gem of a person who went above and beyond to ensure our experience was exceptional. She is a true superstar in every aspect—hardworking, genuine, and dedicated. Her creation of this unique and unparalleled must-visit experience is a testament to her dedication. We hold immense gratitude for her efforts in organising this event and a myriad of themed experiences year-round.

On Joe's knee, Holly, Max by his side, all gaze left at the distant, out-of-shot performers during the singalong.
Joe cherishes quality time with Max and Holly, all captivated by the singalong performances.

Commendations to Kelly - A True Star ⭐👏

Kelly, you're a true legend in every possible way. Today, you brought immense happiness to three kids (plus two "grown-up" Disney enthusiasts!) - and surely countless others. Our day was simply the best! Engaging with you was an absolute delight as well. From the depths of our hearts, thank you enormously. We could have chatted about Disney World endlessly! Your remarkable efforts deserve commendation, and we eagerly await our next encounter. A heartfelt thank you to you and your team for the exceptional hospitality. You're all absolutely amazing!

Amidst background tea-time patrons, Anna takes the stage with a microphone as Elsa observes.
Anna steps onto the stage with the microphone as Elsa watches from the background.

Stay Tuned for Enchanted Adventures 📆🧚

The Enchanted Tea Room hosts an abundance of themed events throughout the year, so make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages (@enchantedtearooms) for the latest updates. You can also secure your spot for these events via the Enchanted Tea Room website at

Close-up: Festive signage at Enchanted Tea Room, featuring 'North Pole', 'Candy Cane Lane', and 'Elf Village'.
Entrance to the Enchanted Tea Room adorned with festive signage.

Genuine Thanks and Honest Opinions 🙏🌟

While we received complimentary tickets for today's visit, our opinions are sincere and genuine.