REVIEW: Festive Afternoon Tea at Pretty Pots (Christmas 2022)

Indulge in the BEST festive afternoon tea for two at Pretty Pots Ceramics Cafe near Stafford. A delightful Christmas treat in the Midlands!

Festive Afternoon Tea for Two at Pretty Pots on decorative sleighs with sandwiches, cakes, and Christmas treats.
Feasting on a fabulous Festive Afternoon Tea for Two at Pretty Pots, just outside Stafford.

AD/ Our Annual Festive Foodgasm in Staffordshire! ๐ŸŽ„

On 15th November 2022, Alex, Holly, and yours truly set off from Derby, heading straight for the lovely little village of Milford, right by Cannock Chase. Why? Our annual Christmas outing at Pretty Pots, of course! If youโ€™ve been hanging out with us in the Midsmas Facebook group, you know weโ€™re absolutely obsessed with this place. It was our third time going all-out with their Festive Afternoon Tea at this adorable pottery spot.

Exterior view of Pretty Pots Ceramics Cafe in Milford village, near Stafford, with the Pretty Pots logo prominently displayed in a Scandinavian style typeface at the top.
Outside glimpse of Pretty Pots Ceramics Cafe in the quaint village of Milford, close to Stafford.

Catching Up with the Golden Girls ๐Ÿ’ฌ

The minute we rocked up, we got to hang out with the fab foursome: Lauren, Sophie, Chloe, and the ever-awesome โ€œJanny.โ€ They're the life and soul of Pretty Pots and always make our visits an absolute blast.

Holly taking her first bite of a chocolate cake pop adorned with red and green festive sprinkles.
Holly's delightful first bite of a cake pop!

A Tea Party to Remember! โ˜•๐Ÿฐ

After a good natter, Sophie and Chloe dazzled us with a Christmas Afternoon Tea that's seriously Insta-worthy. Check out our snaps if you donโ€™t believe me! Good thing we came hungry. Even then, we had to pack some yummies for later. And trust me, every bite is a taste explosion. I felt like I was channelling my inner Phil Rosenthal from "Somebody Feed Phil" on Netflix!

Close-up of a creative triangular brownie, styled like a reindeer with chocolate pretzels and red smarties, surrounded by other sweet treats.
Just a few of the many scrumptious sweet delights we savoured on our visit.

Derby Delights vs Stafford Surprises! ๐Ÿฅ–๐Ÿฅง

Oh, and shoutout to the sausage roll! Being a Derby lad, Birds Bakery is my go-to. But today, The Wissage Bakehouse, a bit further out of Stafford, blew my mind. The pork pie? Just as epic.

Warm sausage roll and pork pie from The Wissage Bakery served on a slate board, accompanied by festive chutney.
Sizzling sausage roll and pork pie from The Wissage Bakery, paired perfectly with festive chutney!

Latte Level-Up: My New Fave! โ˜•โœจ

Also, pro tip: Get a latte with a dash of Triple Sec syrup. Game changer. Loved it so much, I went for round two!

Latte with intricate Christmas tree design in the froth, enhanced by a hint of Triple Sec syrup.
Stunning latte art with a hint of Triple Sec syrup โ€“ simply irresistible!

Meeting the Amazing Chloe ๐ŸŽจ

It was fab to finally get to chat with Chloe. Weโ€™ve been fans of her cool designs at Inkski Prints since spotting them in Pretty Pots' "The Christmas Barn" last year. Little did we know, she's the genius behind it all! Dive into her festive goodies on Etsy.

A selection of Christmas gift tag designs by Chloe from Inkski Prints, featuring themes like Buddy the Elf, gingerbread men, festive drinks, brussels sprouts, and more.
A sneak peek of Chloe's fabulous Christmas tag designs from Inkski Prints โ€“ pure talent!

Christmas Barn Magic & Cheers! ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿฅ‚

The Christmas Barn? As magical as ever. Just peek at our pics! Alex wouldnโ€™t leave without snagging a festive Jellycat toy!

Big love to Lauren, Sophie, Chloe, and Janny - you gals rock! Our day was filled with giggles, treats, and all things festive. Can't wait for our next Christmas tradition here. Until next time! ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ‰

Photo showcasing a range of festive items from The Christmas Barn behind Pretty Pots, including wooden decorations, foliage-based pieces, and a fox figure.
A few of the festive treasures at The Christmas Barn, nestled behind Pretty Pots.