Lansdowne Road: The Cul-De-Sac That's Lighting Up the Midlands Every Christmas

Searching for a Christmas spectacle that's absolutely FREE to explore? Discover the twinkling magic of Lansdowne Road in Branston, East Staffordshire—where Christmas spirit illuminates the night, without lightening your wallet!

Max in red onesie and Elf-like hat stands behind Lansdowne Road sign, aka "Santa Claus Street," in Branston.
Max standing next to the sign welcoming visitors to Lansdowne Road, affectionately known as "Santa Claus Street," in the Staffordshire village of Branston.

The Joy of Christmas Light Spotting: A Festive Treat That Won't Break the Bank 🌟

Ever wondered how you can soak up all the Christmas spirit without splashing too much cash? You're in luck! One of our favourite family traditions is something simple but absolutely delightful: Christmas light spotting. We kit out the kids in their festive onesies and cruise around our local area—or sometimes even venture further—to gaze in awe at the mesmerising Christmas lights. Excluding a bit of petrol, it's an affordable treat that epitomises the essence of the festive season.

Front of a Lansdowne Road home, adorned with festive Christmas trees and highlighted by an eye-catching inflatable gingerbread man.
A splendidly decorated and lit-up home on Lansdowne Road, showcasing the festive spirit of the neighbourhood.

Unveiling Lansdowne Road: The Crown Jewel of Christmas Lights in East Staffordshire 🗺

A few years ago, we stumbled upon a gem that takes this humble tradition to grand heights: Lansdowne Road. Nestled in the quaint village of Branston, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Burton-upon-Trent in East Staffordshire, Lansdowne Road is not to be missed. Little titbit for the foodies: Branston is the birthplace of the famed Crosse & Blackwell pickle—giving our cheese sandwiches a run for their money since 1922!

Red banner with white text, set against a hedge and framed by colourful twinkling lights, welcomes visitors to Lansdowne Christmas Lights.
A grand banner extends a warm welcome to visitors of the Lansdowne Christmas Lights.

First Impressions: The Astonishing Lansdowne Road Christmas Lights ✨

Honestly, this cul-de-sac is more than a mere street; it's a Christmas wonderland. Imagine our surprise, when, for the first time in 2019, we rounded the corner from neighbouring Warren Lane: every house was a festival of lights! From traditional warm white lights to a riot of colours, and featuring all manner of glowing decorations—Lansdowne Road had it all. It's as if Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, New York, had a charming British cousin.

Midway view down Lansdowne Road towards cul-de-sac, awash in a sea of twinkling festive lights.
A perspective from midway down Lansdowne Road, looking towards the cul-de-sac's end.

Priceless Moments: The Faces of Christmas Past, Present and Future 😊

I'll never forget the look on Max, Mia, and Alex’s faces on our inaugural trip in 2019. The expression of pure joy, mixed with awe and amazement, was something to behold. These are moments that you treasure for a lifetime. Lansdowne Road has become our go-to Christmas spot, and if you're looking to enhance your Christmas in Staffordshire, this should be on your list.

Max and Mia in festive onesies with Lansdowne Road residents dressed as an inflatable turkey, a reindeer, and Father Christmas.
Max and Mia pictured with some of the warm-hearted residents who contribute to making the Lansdowne Christmas Lights an annual, free festive marvel.

The Lansdowne Legends: The Community Behind the Magic 👏

Kudos to the unsung heroes—the residents and volunteers who spend months planning this grand festive feat. These folks even brave the freezing December chill, often donning whimsical Christmas attire, to ensure everyone has a jolly good time. Plus, they select a charity each year to raise funds for; in past years, they've collected thousands for the Midlands Air Ambulance. So remember to pop some spare change into the collection, or contribute via their GoFundMe.

Max, Mia, Holly, Evie, and Lily smiling widely, next to young Lansdowne resident in reindeer outfit holding a Midlands Air Ambulance collection bucket, which the kids donated to.
Max, Mia, and Holly, alongside close friends Evie and Lily, join forces with a young Lansdowne Road resident dressed in full reindeer attire to collect funds for Midlands Air Ambulance in 2021.

Pro Tips for a Grand Lansdowne Road Christmas Lights Experience 📝

  1. Stay in the Loop: Keep an eye on the Lansdowne Road Christmas Lights Facebook page for up-to-date information on when the lights will be switched on.
  2. Weekday Wisdom: To avoid the hustle and bustle, go on a weekday evening. It’s generally quieter and more peaceful.
  3. Parking Etiquette: Please avoid parking on Lansdowne Road or the neighbouring Warren Lane. Consider using The Riverside Hotel's car park, just a couple of minutes' walk away.
  4. Stay Warm: It gets nippy out there, so wrap up warm. We recommend instant hand warmers, which you can pick up in bulk from Costco, to keep those fingers toasty.
  5. Refuel: For post-visit eats, you’ve got loads of options. You could pop into The Riverside Hotel, right next to Lansdowne Road, or drive a few minutes to the A5121, where you'll find McDonald's, Costa Coffee, Toby Carvery, Miller & Carter, and The Corner House (a Greene King pub).
  6. Double the Festive Fun: If you're attending one of the later sessions at the "North Pole Adventure" at the nearby National Forest Adventure Farm, consider swinging by Lansdowne Road afterwards. It's only a 10-minute drive away!
Lansdowne Road driveway filled with festive inflatables, including Santa riding a polar bear and penguins frolicking around an igloo.
A Lansdowne Road driveway bursting with festive inflatables, creating a Christmas spectacle!

Final Thoughts: Make Lansdowne Road Your New Christmas Tradition 💌

So, there we have it! The Lansdowne Road Christmas Lights aren't just a spectacle—they're an institution, a staple of Christmas in Staffordshire and beyond. If you find yourself anywhere near East Staffordshire or along the A38, don't miss out on this festive marvel.

And when you do pay a visit, remember to mention that Joe and Alex from Midsmas sent you! Capture the magic with plenty of photos, and leave with hearts full of festive joy. Happy Christmas! 🎅🎄

Awe-inspiring view from top of Lansdowne Road, with twinkling coloured lights even strung between street lights as you turn from Warren Road.
The awe-inspiring vista of Lansdowne Road Christmas Lights that unfolds as you round the corner from Warren Lane.